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Good Samaritan fatal crash results in multiple lawsuits

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The aftermath of an accident that killed one twin sister and left the other critically injured is headed to federal court.

A wrongful death lawsuit was expected in the case, but now there are legal filings against lawyers, a Hinds County Constable and the father of the deceased woman's child.

On May 25, Kyeuna Vance, 30, was killed and her sister, Shyeuana Vance, was critically injured while helping a stranded motorist.

Shyeuana and her mother, Renetta Vance Howard, are suing the driver James O. Williams and Shelter Insurance. Williams is accused of distracted driving.

Their attorney, Dennis Sweet, is also filing suit on behalf of Kyeuna Vance's heirs. Sweet said her children lived with her mother and one child's father, Ricky Lee McClinton, initially agreed to allow Howard to maintain guardianship.

McClinton has now gotten another attorney and taken the child and filed a separate suit.

Howard said Hinds County Constable Jerry Moore used an order of guardianship to break into her home and remove the three year old.

A federal lawsuit is filed against Moore for civil rights violations under color of law.

"They used that order to go to the grandmother's house and to use force on her and take his child and what we're suing about is there is no valid warrant. There was no valid writ. We want to make him justify why he was out kicking these peoples door in," said family attorney Dennis Sweet.

Vance and Howard are also suing McClinton's attorney Precious Martin and others.

"This matter concerns what's in the best interest and well being of a minor child. I think it is too important to be played out in the media. I trust that the courts and legal system of this state will insure that the best interests of this minor child are served," said attorney Precious Martin.

McClinton is also accused of attacking Kyeuna Vance in April, just weeks before her death. Clinton police charged him with simple assault and possession of marijuana and a handgun.

According Indianola Police Department records, McClinton's wife, Brenda McClinton, told authorities that her stepdaughter said she had sex with her father. Brenda McClinton then filed sexual molestation charges against her husband.

"The evidence that will be presented in court will show that Mr. McClinton's wife recanted that statement. The authorities in that jurisdiction found the allegation to be wholly without merit," added Martin.

Meanwhile, the surviving twin remains hospitalized after losing a leg in the crash.

McClinton's simple assault trial is scheduled for July 25 in Clinton.

We were unable to reach Hinds County Constable Jerry Moore or Hinds County attorney Sherri Flowers for comment.

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