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Jackson-The State of the City

Mayor Harvey Johnson presented his state of the city address Wednesday.

His speech is posted on our WLBT web site.

He certainly sees the glass as more than half full rather than more than half empty.

The fact is there are some nice developments underway in Jackson, particularly in healthcare.

Many of the city's streets and water pipes are in sad shape.

Some of that infrastructure is being redone, but so many of us think, at a snail's pace.

There have been twice as many homicides in the city as this time last year.

But as the mayor says, most of the killers and victims knew each other.

Armed robberies and carjackings are up, while most types of burglaries down.

 Public schools have a long way to go.

Some are not too bad, others are pathetic.

But support groups are making a difference.

Just like this city's leadership has over the last few years.

That's my Point of View

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