Latino youth group protested Romney Fundraiser - - Jackson, MS

Latino youth group protested Romney Fundraiser

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's fund raising visit to the Capital City was met with protests from Latino youth.

They shouted their message across from the River Hills Club where supporters gathered for the event.

A small group of undocumented immigrant youth protested Mitt Romney's immigration stance Monday.

They yelled to those entering the private fund raiser.

The young Latinos said they condemn his refusal to answer whether he will rescind President Barack Obama's order not to deport undocumented youth.

"We want the DREAM Act. We want justice," said Jaqueline Hernandez.

The 18 year old is from Southaven and said she wants to go into the medical field.

She traveled to the protest with other undocumented students from Horn Lake and other areas in the state to share this message with the presidential candidate.

"Don't forget where you came from. Don't forget that we are also here that this is my dream. This is my home. This is what I thought. This is only what I know. This is my passion. This is what I want to do. This is me," said Hernandez.

Motorists paused to read signs and listen to their message.

The chants grew louder as republican supporters like former U.S. Congressman Chip Pickering left the building.

Some inside the gated club walked toward the group to listen, then walked away.

We were unable to speak with anyone attending the event.

Protestors said the Latino community supports the DREAM Act and wants Romney to reverse his extreme position on immigration.

"Attacking the DREAM Act is not just attacking undocumented immigrants, it's about really many have family who are citizens who are gonna be voting for us. So an attack on us is an attack on all our families," said Cesar Vargas a 27 year old protester from New York.

The group of seven young people continued their protests until Romney's motorcade left the event.

They vow to follow the republican candidate to a future fund raising event in Pennsylvania.

WLBT's calls to the Mitt Romney Campaign for comment have not been returned.

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