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Taking Back Our Neighborhood: Dumping on Cynthia Road

HINDS COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

I received an email from a Clinton man who works in Jackson. His commute includes Cynthia Road along the Natchez Trace and he said it looks like a dumpsite most of the time. The road, he said, is in constant disrepair.

Cary Wiegand manages a golf shop but he said the road he takes to work each day is not too different from a golf course.

Wiegand said, "Well, it's got a lot of holes in it. It's got couches and chairs on the side of the road. It's like it's not maintained at all."

And when it is maintained, Wiegand said it doesn't take long for the potholes to reappear.

Wiegand said, "I have met some oncoming traffic in the wrong lane and that becomes a hazard for somebody like me who has four children."

So, 3 On Your Side checked it out and sure enough, we saw patched up road giving way to potholes and, resting on a fence, a discarded sofa and chair. But we weren't the only ones checking out the mess. Lisa McGinnis is a natural resource management specialist for the Natchez Trace Parkway.

McGinnis said, "We recently acquired a piece of land down the road so this has now been incorporated into our regular patrols."

He continued, "How often do you see stuff like this, garbage like this? It's a pretty common occurrence. The dumping."

McGinnis added, "I was documenting it to let our maintenance foreman know that we had another dumpsite and also our law enforcement so they could begin to investigate."

And McGinnis wants you to know there are severe penalties for dumping on federal property.

She said, "You wish that people wouldn't do that kind of thing because it ends up costing taxpayers money for Natchez Trace folks to clean things up like this."

Not to mention the fact that it is an eyesore for motorists like Cary Wiegand.

We will check with city officials about the potholes on Cynthia Road.

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