Wednesday's Child - Kevin - - Jackson, MS

Wednesday's Child - Kevin

Last week on Wednesday's Child, we met a sibling group of five. Their sister, who is almost 12, did not want to be featured. This week, we begin taking a closer look at each child and their hopes of being adopted together. We start with 9-year-old Kevin.

Kevin carries a lot of responsibility for a 9-year-old. He feels like the man of the house because he is the oldest and because he is separated from most of his siblings. He says it is important to try and hold on to what's left of their family.

"These two fight. They fight? Do you guys fight? Early in the morning he wakes the house every morning," Kevin said. 

Kevin enjoys learning about nature. He says science is the most interesting subject he takes. He especially likes spiders.

"The only spiders I like is a black widow," said Kevin.

Kevin says he also enjoys sports and competing with his sister on video games.

"Call of Duty. Oh, Call of Duty. Is that about a police officer or soldiers? Yes, a lot of soldiers. They're on missions. Are they secret missions? Yes," Kevin said.

Already thinking about his future Kevin says he has decided he wants a fun job that allows him to help people.

"Policeman," said Kevin.

Kevin looks out for his brothers and he tries to help his sister when she lets him.

"She's mean a little bit. He's good, he don't do nothing. Really? Do you look out for your little brothers? Yes. What about the baby? Yes. He's busy, you have to take care, watch him. I saw how you were taking care of him. Do you like that? Yes," Kevin said.

Although their sister who will soon be 12 years old did not want to be featured, Kevin says it is important a new family knows all five of them want to grow up together.

For more information on adoption call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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