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Patients need your blood

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FLOWOOD, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

 Donating blood is easy.

"Usually you just come in give, get a little snack and your done," said blood donor Gay Saxon.

 Giving blood is something Saxon wishes more people would consider.

"It really bothers me that people need blood and can't get it when it's something we all have that we can all give," Saxon told WLBT.

On a typical day, 200 patients in Mississippi need donated blood. Lately, it's been a challenge getting those donations from volunteers. The blood shortage is taking a severe toll on hospitals.

"A couple of weeks ago we had to take one unit of blood from one hospital and transfer it over to another that's how bad it got because we just didn't have the supply," said Tony Bahou, the Public Relations Manager for the Mississippi Blood Services.

Bahou said the center tries to keep at least 500 units of blood in supply. One day last week the center was down to 300 units. On Thursday morning, 700 units of blood were available, but half of that blood was already set to ship out.

"We're always fluctuating with the minimum we've come above that right now, but we'd like to get a little bit more so we don't have to keep going back down and asking," said Bahou.

Mississippi's blood shortage is so severe that half of the blood types in supply were brought in from other states across the country.

"And then they don't always have the supply either so sometimes they say we just don't have it either, we want Mississippians to step up and help each other out."

"It's just something that we can do that doesn't cost us anything we can just give it and you feel good after you've done it," said Saxon.

Each time you give blood, you play a role in saving up to three lives.

Everyone who is at least 17-years-old and 110 pounds is encouraged to come out and donate.

The address to the Mississippi Blood Services is 115 Tree Street in Flowood.

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