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Bizarre Behavior

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Just when you thought you had heard or seen it all, along comes yet another story on Jackson's famous Stokes family.  

Larita Cooper-Stokes won the city council seat vacated by husband, Kenneth Stokes, earlier this year when he was elected county supervisor.  

But her opponent, Joyce Jackson, cried foul when a number of irregularities occurred during the special election.  

The special judge said the election had to be held again.  

So this time, Cooper-Stokes had campaign workers put up signs all over her ward, but in violation of a city ordinance saying she couldn't put them on utility poles, trees, fences or rocks. 

So, the city began taking them down.  

This time, Kenneth Stokes cried foul saying he had helped create the ordinance, exempting his signs from the law.  

Funny thing is, there is nothing in the ordinance saying that.  

Maybe we ought to get a Jackson welcome sign saying 'welcome to the city of soul, where bizarre behavior of some officials is often on display'. 

That's my point of view.       

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