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Vicksburg daycare bully kicked out

The investigation continues into a Vicksburg daycare center where a young boy was caught on tape attacking two smaller children. 

WLBT has learned the 9-year-old assailant in the surveillance video is no longer enrolled at Kiddie City Childcare Center. 

The boy was caught hitting, choking, kicking, and even biting toddlers. The video shows him waiting until a daycare worker looks the other way, and then he attacks.

 The parent of one of the girls, Jamie Williams, says his daughter came home for about a week with injuries, including a busted lip and a bite mark on her chin. 

Williams went to Kiddie City last Monday to ask how it happened. The 9-year-old attacker is seen on camera pointing to another boy. 

Williams struck the boy he thought was responsible. Investigators say it was the wrong child and Williams was later arrested and charged with simple assault.  

Vicksburg police have also arrested former daycare worker Sandra Trevillion. She's charged with two counts of contributing to the neglect of a minor.  

The Department of Human Services is also investigating the incidents, and other charges could be filed. 

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