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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods - Alta Woods update

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We're back in the Alta Woods neighborhood for this Taking Back Our Neighborhoods report.

A resident of East Street called 3 On Your Side two weeks ago about the condition of the house across the street from hers and others along East Drive.

Eliza Johnson called 3 On Your Side earlier this month because of 2015 East Drive. It's directly across the street.

"I'm not sure who the owner is, but I have called the City of Jackson to have them place it on order because it is in my front yard," said Johnson.

So, I called the City of Jackson and Public Information Officer Quita Bride sent me an update on 2015 East Drive and two other vacant or blighted properties along the street. She said 2015 has an open "board up" case on it. When we went back today, we saw bagged up trash and debris moved to the curb, signs that some clean up work is being done.

"This is a widespread problem. Once they even start the process of getting back out to clean up, how long will it take before they get to us?" asked Johnson.

Also on the list is 1900 East Drive. The burned out structure had two notices from the city posted on it; one in May setting a June nuisance hearing date, another advising the June hearing date had been canceled. Bride says there is a demolition case on the house and it is expected to go before the hearing judge soon. She says she will let me know as soon as the date is set. She said 1906 East Drive, the empty house next door, doesn't have a current case but will be investigated by Community Improvement inspectors. There is a notice on it advising the lawn is maintained by a company and listed an 800 number to be called with any concerns.

We will continue to monitor East Drive and the Alta Woods community for any progress updates.

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