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Mayor Johnson vows to enforce Jackson sign ordinance

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The battle over campaign signs went right up to election day in Jackson. Mayor Harvey Johnson ordered the sign ordinance enforced and had city employees take down Larita Cooper-Stokes' signs. But the signs were replaced as fast as they were taken down. 

All through Ward 3 in Jackson's inner city, the Larita Cooper-Stokes campaign signs were still up, or had been replaced. This despite Mayor Johnson saying on the afternoon of election day that the city of Jackson would enforce its ordinance and take the signs down from utility poles.  

"We are going to enforce our ordinance," said Johnson. 

When asked if the city would fine Cooper-Stokes if they find she is in violation, the mayor replied, "Well you know, we will have to see. The process has to be worked out. Again, that's the code division, code services division, they have a process for taking down signs, imposing fines and all that, I am not familiar specifically with that process, but are going to make sure that our ordinance is enforced." 

Kenneth Stokes, who was elected a Hinds County supervisor, clearing the way for his wife to run for his old city council seat, maintains he got the ordinance passed when he was a councilman, and the signs are legal. 

"The tacking or posting of signs, or advertising devices of any kind on trees, rocks, or utility poles, or other such structures is hereby prohibited. Now, show me where political signs is on here," said Stokes. 

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