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Party chairmen lay out political competition

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

They come from two different political parties and Monday afternoon they outlined their plans for friendly political competition. It's the state's Democratic party looking to take control, while the Republican Party hopes to keep it.

"We were asleep at the wheel. We weren't organized. We didn't work hard and we didn't work smart. We lost a lot of ground," said Democratic Party Chairman Rickey Cole.

Cole says last year's elections were a wake up call to his party as Republicans took over. Not only does the GOP hold the legislature, the party also holds all statewide offices except one.

Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef says those people are a crucial part of his party's strength.

"We've got to continue to fight and maintain what we've obtained in this state so far and the one thing we've got to do is govern," said Nosef.

Nosef says over the last four years, about 50 office holders switched to the Republican Party, making Republicans the dominate force.

"Many of them feel like from a national perspective that they simply can not identify as much as they use to be able to," said Nosef.

The scales use to be tipped in the favor of Democrats and Cole says he plans to create an organized effort in every voting precinct across the state.

"When you start out with a hundred percent of everything, you're going to drop a little bit. We've dropped a little bit too far and it's time to pick back up," said Cole.

Cole recognizes his party has a lot of catching up to do, but feels confident it can be done, once Democrats stand together.

"We have to find creative ways to help Mississippians understand the connection between their quality of life and what their government does," said Cole.

Meanwhile, with plenty of time before the next political elections, Nosef says that'll be an advantage to those already in office.

"A lot of us feel like if the Republicans in charge right now enact good policy and govern the state right, then the politics are going to take care of itself," said Nosef.

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