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Teams cope in intense Mississippi heat

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Thousands of students are hitting ball fields in intense heat across the state. From football to band and other practices, schools are once again trying to deal with sweltering temperatures.

Tuesday was day two of football practice at Callaway High School and even after4 p.m., the Mississippi heat is merciless, but these players are well equipped to cope.

"No matter how hot it gets, no matter how cold it gets, we're trying to win and have a great season," said defensive tackle Dijon Vaughns.

The Callaway senior said while they are taking precautions, their team uses the heat as a motivator.

"We've been practicing for it, warming up for it. So we get used to it as time goes on because you never know hot it will be in the game," added Vaughns.

Head coach Daryl Jones' squad has been working out consistently since June.

"We don't allow guys to come out if they hadn't been working with us all summer...We give them water breaks whenever they need it. We do have cold towels if they do get a little bit overheated. We have a cooler with ice, cold towels, we put on them immediately," said Jones.

During this afternoon practice, a heat advisory was in effect with a heat index of 105.

"I'm looking for with the cease of sweating or I'm looking for chills, signs of dehydration," said athletic trainer Casee Rhodus.

The Mississippi Sports Medicine trainer keeps an eye on players for signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

"With them wearing helmets obviously everything is going to be locked into that helmet so we do allow them to take their helmets off whenever possible and get as much water as possible," said Rhodus.

Experts say plenty of fluids and frequent breaks are key to maintaining the high intensity drills, running, stretching and exercising in mid-90 degree temperatures and above.

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