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More Heat Will Repeat...

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The heat and humidity of the last few days has been an energy draining muggy feel that will continue for today as well. The Heat Advisories and Heat Warnings are still active for today as well. Look for a high near 100 degrees, but at least the winds will be predominantly from the NW 10-15 mph.

Tonight the clouds will stay in place for a muggy overnight period, temps will be in the 80s most of the evening hours. A slight chance of rain is possible, specifically for the southeast portions of the state.. Winds will be light, but will switch out of the south at 5-10mph.

Tomorrow we're expecting the temps to stay in the mid 90s, but the moisture content will be on the rise. At this point, the Heat Advisories are likely to stay in place since the heat index will still soar above 102+. Winds will move from south at 10-15 mph.


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