Wednesday's Child - Quindarius - - Jackson, MS

Wednesday's Child - Quindarius

He is determined, stubborn, always thinking of a way to have fun with his siblings, and can fake an illness anytime he does not want to do something, like an interview. 5 year old Quindarius, who his siblings call Quinn, did not talk with us, but he did say just enough to let us know he likes to be in charge. He, his 3 brothers and sister are hoping to find a permanent family.

Quindarius is the prankster in this group. He likes to answer questions for his big brothers.

"Early in the morning he wakes up the house early in the morning. Does he? No I don't. You don't?"

He enjoys teasing them.

"Yes he does. No I don't. And then when Quinn starts waking up the whole house Shun tells him to be quiet, then Quinn gets mad and goes into the bed and kicks him. Then they start fighting", said his big brother, Kevin.

But when it was time to talk, Quindarius immediately became very ill.

"Your tummy hurts, your throat hurts, and your forehead hurts."

Quindarius will start school this fall. He will miss the summer days of riding his bike, and having more time with his brothers.

"You see the camera? Look at the camera."

He is inquisitive, likes to boss his brothers and sister, and wants to be in charge. When he makes up his mind about something that's it. Quindarius like his siblings is hoping for a family where they can all be together. He did tell me he would love to draw, color, and write his name with his parents. Quindarius has learned to bounce back from disappointment, but he is hoping this time he will land with his very own forever family.

To learn more about adoption through the Department of Human Services, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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