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Mississippi Customers Support Chick Fil A

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Customers Crowd Local Chick Fil A Restaurants

Good evening this is Maggie Wade with a look at some of the stories we'll have tonight after the Olympics on WLBT and on our Webcast tonight at 10 at wlbt.com.

Chick Fil A Restaurants were swamped with customers in the metro area for Chick Fil A Appreciation Day to offset recent criticism from gay and lesbian communities. Roslyn Anderson will have details.

Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis says he didn't use lethal force during a jail riot Monday to avoid injuries and loss of life. He talks with us about  the decision not to send in a SWAT Team.

Dozens of people are in custody on drug related charges tonight after sweeps on the Mississippi Gulf Coast by state and federal officers.

Severe thunderstorms for some parts of the state today, still dry in most of Central Mississippi but a change is on the way! Meteorologist Eric Law says the chance for rain and thunderstorms goes up for our area beginning tomorrow!

And in Sports Stephen Gunter profiles Mississippi Braves player, Tim Smith who knows what it means to win Olympic gold, and he takes us to the football field for a look at the Murrah Mustangs of Jackson.

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