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Hinds County Justice: From Bad to Worse

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Eighteen years in the making and it finally happened.

The Hinds county jail in Raymond, shoddily constructed from the start with years of maintenance problems, finally imploded due to a bunch of pretrial detainee knuckleheads.

Thanks to assistance from Madison and Rankin County and other law officers, the Hinds County Sheriff managed to quell the uprising without any injuries.

But, the damage was done.

One complex housing over 180 inmates was completely destroyed.

Now Hinds County is paying the other two counties to house those inmates.

The problem also stems from the fact that the wheels of Hinds County justice have long been mired in deep ruts, while those in Madison and Rankin move swiftly along.

Inmates will sit in jail here for a year or more before justice is meted out.

All this while two kidnappers, carjackers and robbers in Madison plead guilty in less than five months and get 30 years.

The broken jail is a clear reminder of our broken justice system.

That's my Point of View. 

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