Shooting at Rebel Woods Apartments leaves one dead - - Jackson, MS

Security guard charged with murder, given bond

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The man accused in the fatal shooting at Rebelwoods apartments Sunday night received a relatively low bond Monday morning.

Security guard Jose Benavides was given a $50,000.00 in municipal court. 

Police say Benavides, who is charged with murder, shot and killed 26 Year Old Tony Taylor during an altercation at the apartments.

Family members say Taylor got into an argument with a resident and Benavides followed him to the scene of the shooting at building H.

Family members and friends gathered at the apartment of Taylor's mother, Xavier McDonald.

McDonald says her son did not live at the complex, but would often visit her and other friends.

"I never expected to see my son shot and killed," says McDonald.

She claims her son had clashed with security guards ever since one put a gun to his head, while breaking up a party at the complex during the NBA Finals earlier in the year.

Xavier says, "You can't take a life and walk out the door like you've done nothing," when responding to the low bond for Benavides.

Witness accounts of the shooting all match.

"When he (Taylor) walked up to this building, he (Benavides) came up on him and he started telling my cousin don't come toward me, why you walking up on me? He (Taylor) got his hands in the air the whole time. He saying, I ain't walking up on you. If you gone shoot me go on and shoot me. What you gone do shoot me? And he (Benavides) shot him. When he (Benavides) shot him, he (Taylor) went stumbling and he (Benavides) told him, what you stumbling for, don't fall now. And my cousin hit the ground," recalls Quinnita Sanders.

Another witness has a similar story.

"He (Taylor) wasn't armed at all. He didn't even have a shirt on. So you can tell from a distance if he was armed or not," says Kenneth Thompson.

Police were called to Rebel Woods Apartments about 9:50 P.M.

Family members of the victim and neighbors say they've had problems in the past with security at the apartment complex

"This is the same guy he got into it with two weeks ago and pulled a gun on him before," says Sanders. 

Multiple disturbances occurred after the shooting at the apartment complex, despite a heavy police presence on the scene.

Monday the apartment complex office was closed.

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