Motorists feel pinch as prices rise at the pump - - Jackson, MS

Motorists feel pinch as prices rise at the pump

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The price of gas is again inching upward and putting a pinch on consumers.

In the past week motorists have noticed a considerable jump.

Filling up at your tank is costing you more. reports that average gas prices in Jackson have risen six cents per gallon in the last week alone.

Monday the average price was now $3.43 a gallon for regular.

Sherika Sanders of Canton has noticed the change.

"One time, they were down to like $2.93 out by my house and then one week it was $2.90, and that was ok. It was reasonable, but still kind of high. But now the $3.39/$3.37 it's over the roof," said Sanders. found the cheapest fuel in the Jackson metro area at Murphy USA on Greenway Drive.

People were lined up to shell out $3.29 a gallon for regular.

Other stations ranged from $3.35 to $3.49 in northeast Jackson.

The national average is $3.68 a gallon.

A week ago a gallon in the Jackson area was $3.36.

The cost was just $3.00 a month ago but $3.44 a year ago, nearly what consumers are paying now.

"I fill up about every week and a half, and it's about $10.00 more. It certainly makes a difference. You could certainly travel farther," said Bill Rainey of Jackson.'s senior petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan said the national average has spiked 25 cents per gallon just in the last month, thanks to an onslaught of refinery problems, mainly in the Great Lakes and California.

"I've noticed that the gas prices have gone up," said Ted Wynn.

He lives in Braxton and travels 70 miles a day round trip.

"I think it is a refinery problem. They can sell the gas while the barges are coming down river before they get to the dock and then before they get to that dock they can sell it again," said Wynn.

Monday the highest gas price we spotted was in Byram at $3.57 a gallon.

That's 20 cents more than the mid range price in the metro.

Some drivers said they feel like their being held hostage at the pump.

"Gas companies are doing nothing but boosting up the price of gas, making them rich while poor people suffer. It keeps going up and like when is it going to stop? What can we do to stop this," asked Marcus Culver of Jackson.

According to petroleum experts, there is some relief in sight with the summer travel period ending in about a month and the Environmental Protection Agency expected to relax mandates, meaning cheaper fuel in the winter months.

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