Wednesday's Child - Harley - - Jackson, MS

Wednesday's Child - Harley

Harley says he likes bowling but usually he is not tired. Movie night left him a little wiped out.

"Do you like school? Uh umm.. Is there any subject that you like? No. What about reading? Uh..umm. Math? No mam. History? No mam. What about drawing? No mam."

Harley looks young and is small for his age but he has a big personality. He enjoys being around other children, he is polite and well mannered. He likes anything outdoors including camping and fishing.

"I like to play video games, watch tv, ride my bike and watch wrestling and that's all."

Harley really enjoys hands on activities. He likes putting things together with tools. He also likes puzzles and legos.

"I don't like sports. You don't like basketball? I like karate. You like what? Karate. Karate."

Harley has a special preference in shoes according to his social worker. He likes boots, work boots, cowboy boots, even rain boots. But he says his hat is special.

"Why did you like that hat? 'Cause my friend gave it to me."

Harley's social worker says a supportive family who is not afraid to participate in extracurricular activities would be a positive fit for him. He will also need parents who will make sure he gets to bed on time.

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