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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods Tall grass on Ellis Avenue

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A viewer emailed 3 On Your Side about some grass that's so overgrown, it's beginning to obstruct highway signs.

It's around the Ellis Avenue exit off Interstate 20 and Ronnie Crudup, Jr. says the eyesore is undermining the efforts of his church to take back the south Jackson neighborhood.

He asked for our help so, we checked it out and here's what we found out.

Ronnie Crudup, Jr. is executive director of New Horizon Ministries on Ellis Avenue, but there's nothing heavenly about the view from the church.

"It seems like nobody, the state, is caring at all about this area. I mean you see this happening from all over the way from south Jackson, all the way to the metro and north Jackson," said Crudup.

Crudup is talking about the tall grass taking over the exit and entry to Interstate 20. He says it's been this way for at least two months now. Crudup not only works and worships here, he and his family live in south Jackson.

"It's a huge eyesore. We're always trying to push our people in this neighborhood to try to cut their grass and do something down here, so we're trying to find out what's the reason why."

Crudup continued, "You go to places like Madison, Clinton; you don't see this kind of grass growth going on in that area."

The sign clearly says the state is responsible for upkeep here, so I checked with Central District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall for answers.

"Well, first of all it is high. It's too high. It's higher than we normally get it. There's a lot of reasons for that. One being the weather," said Hall. "And it's like everything else. It's getting more and more expensive and we're getting thinner and thinner with our dollars to cut as often as we'd like."

As for other areas like Madison and Clinton, Hall says they are scheduled four times a year, while Jackson and Vicksburg get trimmed five times a year.

"It's important to us. I realize that. I grew up in Jackson. It's my hometown, so I want it to look as good as we can but we're like everybody, we're getting stretched for dollars, but they're right, it does need cleaning, it's past due and hopefully we'll be out there, if the weather let's us, we'll be out there next week and get it cut and everybody will be happy," said Hall.

And for Ronnie Crudup, Jr. and New Horizon Ministries, that will be a blessing.

Commissioner Hall says when the maintenance is done, all of Jackson will be cut, not just one area. We will check back next week to see if the grass has been cut.

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