Roaring pump diverts sewage from broken line - - Jackson, MS

Roaring pump diverts sewage from broken line

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A 48 inch sewer line break in one Jackson neighborhood has caused major headaches for weeks.

But according to some on Sheffield Drive, they don't know how much longer they can take the frequent flooding and the city's temporary fix.

Ryan Annison shot video of a sewer line break on August 17th.

He watched in horror as the street filled with sewage and the usual flood waters.

"This brown water is what our street normally looks like with a bad rain, and this black is now raw sewage coming out of the ground," said Annison.

Residents said over three weeks ago the city installed a pump to bypass a sewer line that collapsed near the intersection of Ridgewood Road and Sheffield Drive.

A plywood board and cement bags cover the spot where homeowners said the street is basically a sink hole.

The flood waters are gone but the noise of a temporary fix remains.

Jim Dedeaux has lived on Sheffield Drive for 22 years.

He said during the last four years the street has flooded during rains, because the city has not maintained drainage ditches behind their homes.

"This diesel engine runs 24 hours a day. The city comes out and fills this tank, and they pay an employee overtime to just sit out and make sure this pump doesn't fail," said Dedeaux.

But Friday around seven in the morning Dedeaux no longer heard the roar of the pump's engine.

"I knew that was a problem, and when I came out the diesel engine that pumps the sewage out had blown the line and the sewage flooded the whole street," added the retired state nursing home administrator.

Homeowners said the city cleared the street and sprayed a chemical, but they fear a it is a health hazard.

Jackson City Spokesman Chris Mims said crews made temporary repairs, but the city is currently looking for funds to make permanent improvements which will cost around $200,000.00.

Residents told WLBT that the Environmental Protection Agency was on scene Friday.

They said they are afraid it may take months for the city to secure funding and finally replace the sewer line.

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