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Jackson city council Metrocenter office probe

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Jackson city council's move into the old Belk building at Metrocenter has suffered several delays. Now, council members say they plan to look into the financing of those working to turn that space into city offices.

The city council's probe into the Metrocenter city office construction began with a guided tour from developer Retro Metro. They specifically wanted to see how their $50,000 were spent for high speed internet cables, which were in place as promised.

Some were immediately satisfied.

"I feel like this is a good investment, a sound investment for the city. Frankly I was surprised so much has been done. You can see were in the final stages here. As far as questions about the city investment it's been answered completely," said council member Margaret Barrett-Simon. 

Questions of financial troubles started surfacing when Retro Metro's managing partner David Watkins left the project, and some sub-contractors claimed they weren't paid.

The new contractor, Garrett Construction, says they'll now pay the workers.

"Were going to look at this process, were going to look at moneys and if we find an individual has mishandled the city's money then we will look at what course we need to take with that individual, but we'll let the money lead us to the person," said councilman Tony Yarber. 

When completed, the city offices at Metrocenter will house six different city departments.

Developers are hoping that it provides and economic boost to the area.

Retro Metro's Leroy Walker says, "We put a couple of million dollars so far, were looking forward to continuing our effort, we are pleased about the progress and the city government has come out and given it their blessing."

Retro Metro hopes to make their investment money back through lease payments from the city, once they move in.

They hope to be finished by the end of September.

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