Wednesday's Child: Plaze - - Jackson, MS

Wednesday's Child: Plaze

Plaze usually has a smile. He is very cooperative and friendly.

"Tell me what it is like to be 9th grade and starting high school? It's great! Are you excited about it? Yes ma'am. What are you excited about for high school? Graduation and going to college."

Being able to watch athletes from around the world compete in the Olympics was a dream come true for Plaze. He likes all kinds of sports especially baseball, basketball and football. He says bowling will be added to the list.

"I like to play football and basketball. So are you going out for any teams at school? Yes ma'am."

Plaze is not very talkative. He seems almost shy. He responds well to encouragement and positive reinforcement.

"I like to play baseball, football and soccer and a little bit of pool. And watch tv."

Plaze guards his heart. He says he wants a family who will keep him safe and parents who will allow him to have open communication.

"Let me have, take care of me and let me have my own room, let me have my own TV, my own bedroom, and let me go to school and teach me how to read a little bit."

Plaze has been featured several times on Wednesday's Child over the last four years. Though it is difficult, he is still hopeful of finding his forever family.

To learn more about children waiting to be adopted, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157

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