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A Terrible Flag and Terrible Communication

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I have a couple of points to make.

First, take a look at this flag that two men asked me to point out.

It's at the Exxon Sprint Mart at Medgar Evers and Boling.

As you can see, it's in pretty sad shape.

Both men asked the management to take it down.

They and we were told that it could not be taken down since the chain or cord is no longer in place to retrieve it.

What kind of excuse is that?

I say, the solution is very simple.

Go get a bucket truck. Problem solved.

 Now this. I wish nothing but great success for JSP's new superintendent.

The media was invited to attend quote 'A Conversation with Superintendent Dr. Cedrick Gray' where he would discuss a number of topics.

Unfortunately, he would not answer any questions.

A conversation means a two way street, a dialogue, a Q&A session.

Not a monologue.

It's all part of Communication 101 and should be a required course for all educators. That's my Point of View.

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