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More legal trouble for Southaven Mayor Greg Davis

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(WMC-TV) - Southaven Mayor Greg Davis is in the public light again. This time because of allegations by his former wife.

"I married Greg Davis because he's a good man," Suzann Davis said in her ex-husbands congressional campaign ad in 2008.

Now allegations in petitions to amend a divorce settlement show Suzann Davis has a different opinion with some disturbing claims.

The documents were filed in DeSoto County Chancery Court last week.

"Anybody that's in politics like that, they're going to dip into private business," said Pamela Lester.

In the petitions, Suzann Davis claims that the mayor threatened her with ridicule in the community and with government officials if she complained about the mayor's actions.

She went on to state that Davis told her he would see to it that she would look 'crazy to the public'.

Residents said if that is true, that's not how the mayor should be using his power.

"You don't have any power just because you're an elected official, you're supposed to be doing your job as an elected official to take care of your constituents, and that's all," said Michelle McInvale.

In the documents, the mayor's ex-wife also accuses Davis of defrauding her by not disclosing property and benefits that would have been a part of their divorce settlement.

"If he's going to be crooked, then she needs to go back and get him for what he can," said Libby Porter.

Documents also show Ms. Davis believes the mayor should be held in contempt of court because she said he breached terms of their divorce.

Terms state that neither parent is supposed to drink excessively around their three children, but the former-wife said Davis drinks around the children and at times 'drives the children while under the influence.'

Davis has never been charged in her claims.

In Hinds County court, State Auditor Stacey Pickering is fighting to garnish Davis' paychecks for taxpayer money the auditor says was misspent.

Suzann Davis' attorney, Martin Zummach, wants to make sure that money Davis owes in child support is not affected if money is withheld from his paycheck.

Mayor Davis did not respond to attempts for comment.

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