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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods - Broadmoor Avenue eyesores

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A 3 On Your Side viewer called for help with blighted property in her elderly relative's neighborhood.

She said two houses, side by side, located on 749 and 741 Broadmoor Drive, are bringing down the neighborhood in more ways than one and she says she isn't getting anywhere with calls to Jackson officials, so she called me and I checked it out.

The caller didn't leave her name for fear of retaliation against her relatives who live on Broadmoor Drive. She said there is also a growing crime problem there.

She wanted us to check out two abandoned houses, 741 and 749 Broadmoor Drive. Sure enough, they are in the kind of condition no one would want in their neighborhood. Waist high weeds and dilapidated structure is all that's left of the two properties, clearly a menace to public health and safety.

You could see posted on the porch, a notice dated July 17th, 2012, that there is already a case established on 749 Broadmoor Avenue advising the owners that the city has approved clean up and the owner will be responsible for the cost.

But there hasn't been any action since, so I contacted Quita Bride with the City of Jackson. She said both 741 and 749 Broadmoor Drive have gone through the city's process, notifying the owner, awaiting the owner's response, administrative hearing process, and the city council. She said in the next couple of weeks, the two properties will be placed in a bid package and contracted out for cleanup.

I will check back in the next couple of weeks to see if any action has been taken to clean up 741 and 749 Broadmoor Drive.

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