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Walt's Look Around: Greenville Low Water

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Last year there were two curiosities to see as you drove over the new Mississippi River Bridge at Greenville. The demolition of the old bridge just to the north was still going on, and the copious amounts of water in the river. The river hadn't been this high since 1927 when it hit 65.4 on the Greenville gauge. It came within a foot and two-tenths of that last year.

This year? It's another story altogether. The old bridge is gone, obviously. And obviously the river is a lot lower with sand bars where water was last year. The river is 6.9 on the gauge at Greenville. The all-time record low is 6.7. Which Greenville will hit by Friday, and will keep falling below that. 

Lake Ferguson is Greenville's waterfront. It is connected to the Mississippi on one end and rises and falls with the river. That connection is here at Warfield Point. This is what it looks like in a typical year. You couldn't get out here last year during the high water. The park was flooded. 

This year at Warfield? The mighty Mississippi looks a little anemic. Tows stand aside of the main channel for one way traffic past the most narrow places on the Mississippi, which is just about the whole river, now. And looking back up the bank toward the park and the observation tower, during the height of the flood last year, water came all the way up to that lowest platform on the tower.  

Back downtown all you could read of the Greenville Yacht Club's sign was "Greenville" above the water level last year. You got the whole sign and the fine print this year. And launching boats at the Greenville Waterfront is a problem, too, with the ends of the boat ramps five feet out of the water. 

Now, beachcombers are coming out to see what they can find on the dry bank where there has been feet of water for decades. I've heard of people finding all sorts of oddities; fossils and things. I saw a hour-glass Coke bottle. Thought I had a find. But the neck had been broken off. That'll take the value from about fifty bucks with some collectors down to zero in no time flat. But appropriately, rubbing the crust off the bottom, it was a Greenville bottle. I let it stay. Someone will see it next low water and get all excited, until he sees the neck.

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