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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods - Ellis grass follow up

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Last month, I checked out a viewer complaint about how poorly the state has maintained grass around some Jackson highways.

One area of particular concern to Ronnie Crudup, Jr. was the Ellis Avenue exit off Interstate 20.

He asked me to check it out and I did, asking the central district transportation commissioner why it was in that overgrown condition.

In this Taking Back Our Neighborhoods update, I go back to see what, if anything, has been done about it.

"It seems like nobody, the state, is caring at all about this area. I mean you can see this happening from all over the way from south Jackson all the way to the metro and north Jackson," said Crudup.

In that August 20 interview, Crudup was referring to the waist high grass taking over the exit and entry to Interstate 20 around Ellis Avenue.

"It's a huge eyesore." Crudup continued, "You go to places like Madison, Clinton, you don't see this kind of grass growth going on in that area."

When I asked Central District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall about it, he admitted the grass was too high and blamed bad weather and a tight budget, but Hall promised to get it done.

Hall said, "They're right, it does need cleaning, it's past due and hopefully we'll be out there, if the weather let's us, we'll be out there next week and get it cut and everybody will be happy."

The weather did cooperate until Hurricane Isaac's remnants blew in. We saw state equipment mowing the grass along the cloverleaf Pearl Street exit off Interstate 55. It looks like workers started on the Ellis Street exit, but it has not been completed, more than likely because of Isaac. Hall promised it will get done.

"It's important to us. I realize that. I grew up in Jackson. It's my hometown, so I want it to look as good as we can," said Hall.

State offices were closed for the holiday so we will check back with Commissioner Hall for an update Tuesday.

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