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Walt's Look Around: Canadian Rockies

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Our troop landed in Seattle and had already seen Victoria and Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island before we got to the city of Vancouver. My admiration of curiosities drew me to the steam powered clock in the section of Vancouver they call Gastown. The clock was built as a tourist attraction in 1977 and seems to work as a people magnet. Power for the clock comes from the central heat distribution pipes below the streets.

But after a day and night in Vancouver, we hopped the train headed through the Rockies for Banff National Park. It was a leisurely ride. We never got in any hurry. And had plenty of time to see sights we don't get to see in our part of the country rumble into view from in front of us and rumble out of view behind us. 

I'll have to admit that I hadn't studied up on my geography before the trip. What's to study? We were going to the Canadian Rockies. And I understand what the Rocky Mountains are. So I was fairly surprised when we came into a desert. I hadn't anticipated a desert in Canada. But there it was. 

Next day, after an overnight in Kamloops, we got in some spectacular scenery. Towering mountains took up a great portion of the sky over our heads while blue glacier-fed creeks and rivers ran beside us, of fell over ledges down below us. 

And as enjoyable as the views were on the train, once we got to Banff and got out on the ground again and could sit still and soak in the scenery, it was even better. Moraine Lake with its turquoise water tented by rock powder that had been ground to dust by glacier ice, that when melted, formed the lake and brought the color from the rock dust with it. This is maybe the most famous of the Banff Park lakes, Lake Louise.  

You know, given the chance, this is what I could do for a living, be a travel photographer full time. Hop a plane at Jackson and fly somewhere and tour around for a few days and then come back home and digest what I had seen. Edit some stories about it and couple my thoughts with the pictures and then pack up and go again. 

And I sort of get the chance to do that this week as we head out for the Grand Canyon. I'll have my camera, of course. And have a whole lot of show and tell for you when we get back.  

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