Wednesday's Child - Justin - - Jackson, MS

Wednesday's Child - Justin

He has been in foster care almost three years but he says sometimes it seems much longer. Justin is now 15 years old. He is still hoping for what he calls the gift of a lifetime.

Justin says he has been bowling, but does not go often enough to be what he calls good at it. Justin has true athletic spirit. He enjoys competition because he says it makes him better.

"I guess I would try to describe myself as athletic, funny. I can be loving and caring", said Justin.

Justin says most of his time is spent playing baseball which is his favorite sport.

"I have the hobbies of sometimes I'll play drums, I'll write music, and I'll just run, play baseball, sometimes I'll play football", Justin said.

Justin also enjoys being outdoors for camping, fishing and water activities. We talked about school and his favorite subject.

"Math. Why do you like math? Just cause of the different numbers. Yeah..I like numbers", said Justin.

Military service is a family tradition, Justin wants to possibly continue.

"I either want to be a U.S. Marine or if I can't do that I can do baseball", Justin said.

Justin says he has adapted to foster care, but his hope is to be adopted.

"I want to be adopted so that way if I do have kids and my parents aren't in the picture no more, I would like them to be able to have a grandpa and grandma", said Justin.

Before being asked about the qualities he wants in a family Justin said he already has a list.

"Religious, athletic, wanting to do stuff with you and for you, help you with your homework, just care about school and still want to have fun and do stuff like they'll take you to work sometimes if they have too, just to be with you", Justin said.

For more information on adoption call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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