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Kiddie City fined $2,700 for 12 violations

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The Mississippi Department of Health has found 12 violations of policy at Kiddie City Childcare in Vicksburg. The policies are backed by state law.

Kiddie City has now been fined $2,700.

Surveillance video dated July 16 at the center shows a 9-year-old boy viciously attacking younger children.

Mississippi Department of Health documents state, on July 16, the day the disturbing surveillance video was taken, three children were physically attacked by the 9-year-old boy at Kiddie City.

An 11 month old seen in a walker in the video was fed, but not burped, and after the aggressor slammed the infant's head on the walker, the infant vomited.

Documents also reveal the infant was left in the walker for longer than an hour without being moved or picked up.

Two caregivers were present on July 16. Sandra Travillion is seen in the video standing by the window. A former Vicksburg Warren County Public School bus driver, she had only been on the job at Kiddie City for three weeks. The other caregiver, Angela James, had been hired in June 2011.

Documents state both Travillion and James left the room for up to three minutes at a time with 16 children in their care. Both have since been fired.

Neither Travillion nor James had updated background checks on file. Director Ruthe Lowe was absent, and Travillion had been given supervisory duty that day, despite the fact she was unqualified.

Also on July 16, documents state James changed a diaper, gave the soiled diaper to another child to dispose of, and didn't wash her hands or the child's hands.

As for the attacks, documents state the 9-year-old boy punched a female child in the face with force, drop kicked her twice, and beat her for about 20 minutes as caregivers paid little attention. The aggressor hugged, patted, and kissed the girl when she started to cry, and attacked again when caregivers weren't looking.

According to documents, the aggressor bit and grabbed the male infant's neck and pushed his head down on the walker several times.

On Thursday morning, Lowe agreed to an interview, but later decided she should speak to the Department of Health first.

"I've done what they asked me to do, but I really don't think I should interview until I get a report myself and I can see what they're saying," she said. 

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