Sound Off: West Nile Virus - - Jackson, MS

Sound Off: West Nile Virus

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We have some unwelcome visitors in Mississippi. Mosquitoes are never welcomed, but this year they can be downright dangerous. There have been 129 reported human cases of West Nile infection across the state, with the majority of those in the Jackson tri-county area. Four deaths have been reported. So what can you do to avoid getting the mosquito born West Nile Virus?

· Use the mosquito repellant such as DEET when going outdoors and uncovered-especially around dawn or dusk. However ask a physician before using on young children and never use on infants under 2 months old.

· Get rid of any standing water around your property.

· Use screens to keep mosquitoes out of the house.

· Don't handle dead birds.

West Nile Virus is serious…dead serious… So, take precautions and-if you think you may have it-see a doctor.

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