Depraved heart murder suspect remains in jail - - Jackson, MS

Depraved heart murder suspect remains in jail

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The attorney for the Jackson resident accused of injecting a toxic substance into an Atlanta adult entertainer is shocked that his client is charged with depraved heart murder.

Tracey Lynn Garner remains behind bars with no bond. Fifty-two-year-old Garner was arrested last week after a six-month investigation by federal and state investigators.  

Garner, previously known as Morris Garner, is a florist and interior designer.  

Garner was arrested at her home on Peyton Avenue in Jackson Sept. 5. She's accused of injecting what may have been counterfeit silicone into a female adult entertainer from Atlanta.

The woman had a delayed reaction and died three days later. 

We have obtained the search warrant and a list of what was seized inside Garners modest home. Alcohol, a gallon of silicon and other unknown substances, super glue, syringes, and latex gloves, a massage table, Jimenes Arms J.A. 380 auto with 2 mags laoded. A Tec 9 mm with loaded magazines, a cell phone, computer towers, 3 social security cards and 3 birth certificates along with random needles and controlled pills. 

"I think it will be a hard time convincing the jury that they have a depraved heart murder," said defense attorney John Colette.

Colette wouldn't comment of whether his client injected the woman.

"Is it as a result of this injection? My understanding ordinarily is this person that came over here from Atlanta had many, many other injections of silicon in Atlanta and other areas. So the question becomes until we get the autopsy you don't know. Certainly there is an event that occurred here in Mississippi that is what's alleged. We don't have enough information right now," added Colette. 

Neighbors say investigators removed computers and other evidence from Garner's home in west Jackson.  

Colette says he will not discuss what evidence may be used against his client. He is waiting on a preliminary hearing.  

Garner faces life in prison.

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