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Hamer Institute Lecture: The success of black males

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Success of black males in education and the business world were the topics of a town hall meeting at Jackson State Thursday.

Students and instructors are brainstorming on ways to close the gap with other groups when it comes to becoming leaders in today's world.

Educators say there are several factors holding black males back when it comes to success, and most of it ties into education.

The bottom line is they need to come better prepared to learn, and complete school.

Thursday the first of the annual Fannie Lou Hamer Institute lecture series was held at Jackson state.

Students and administrators took part in a discussion focusing on increasing dropout rates among African American males.

Those hosting the lecture say that black males are performing lower than their peers when it comes to college and career preparedness, educational achievement, and post secondary experience.

Jackson State University officials say they may need to change their policies, so it's not so easy for students to drop out of school, and give up on their career goals.

Professor Rodney Washington who sat on a panel for the discussion says, "Some may transfer to other institutions or what have you but some may go unemployed and they've got some serious amount of debt and may not be able to re-enter so these are the kinds of thins we need to prepare exit strategies or re-entry strategies so we can get more of our students back on campus."

 The lecture was based on a study called A Call For Change -- the social and educational factors contributing to the outcomes of black males in urban schools.

 to read the 120 page report click on link below:


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