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Power surge leaves Terry woman without working appliances

TERRY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Terry woman says $8,000 worth of appliances in her home were destroyed by a power surge from Entergy lines last Tuesday.

She says Entergy first told her they would be responsible for replacing the appliances, but the man who told her that, called back 30 minutes later and said he was wrong.

Jessica Watkins lives at 213 Cunningham Avenue in Terry, just three doors down from city hall. There are several trees that look to be on City of Terry right of way in front of her house. The trees have grown up beside a power pole and the lines now run through the trees.

Watkins says a tree has rubbed the insulation off of one wire which caused the surge. She says Entergy is now telling her that the destruction of her appliances is her responsibility or that of the City of Terry.

"Later a gentleman from Entergy called me back and said that they was not responsible for the service lines," said Watkins. "That was either up to the homeowner to keep the trees away from the power line, or the Town of Terry's place to cut the limbs away."  

Watkins says the oven on her stove, microwave, washer and dryer, a computer and her television sets were all fried by the power surge.  

Mara Hartmann, spokesperson for Entergy, says no decision has been made about replacing the appliances.

"We just got the claim yesterday and our claims management department assigned an adjuster or two to investigate what happened and you know determine exactly what transpired," said Hartmann. "We haven't denied the claim, we haven't affirmed the claim. It's just very early on in the investigation."

Entergy has not decided what to do about the trees that have grown up into their lines causing a surge. 

The City of Terry did not return our calls.

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