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Sex offender, murder suspect registered at fake address

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

New information is being released about the man accused of murdering Lenora Edhegard of Brandon.

Despite laws with strict requirements for convicted sex offenders, 30-year-old Cortrell Rose may have gone under the radar.

Weeks ago, the sex offender moved next door to Lenora Edhegard's house on Cumberland Circle in Brandon.

However, on Sept. 4, Rose listed his address as 128 Grover Cleveland Drive in Jackson – an address that doesn't exist. There is a 128 Grover Cleveland Circle in Jackson, but the individual living there has been a resident for 13 years, according to neighbors.

The Department of Public Safety requires sex offenders to report to the Sheriff or a Driver's License office and re-register with their current information and be photographed every 90 days. They also must give advance notice if they intend to move.

Rose is a three-time convicted felon. He was convicted of a sex crime against a mentally ill child in Monroe County in 2004. In 2008, he was indicted for kidnapping and robbery in Adams County. He was also convicted of not registering as a sex offender in Adams County.

He was also just released from jail four months ago for a parole violation.

Wednesday, Edhegard's family members gathered to make final arrangements and gather memento's.

"It's upsetting, I wish we had known he was there before, maybe something like this wouldn't have happened," said Edhegard's daughter-in-law Katie Osborne.

Neighbors had seen him in the area for about a month but had no idea he was a sex offender. Michael Barker has three children and lives right down the street.

"They need to come up with a better system," Barker said. "He just told me he was trying to turn something around and have a fresh start."

Visit the Mississippi Sex Offender Registry website to sign up to be notified by email if a sex offender registers an address near you.

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