Rowdy's Family Catfish Shack - - Jackson, MS

Rowdy's Family Catfish Shack

Located at:
60 Hwy 27
Vicksburg, MS 39180

"Good Food & Good Company"

In memory of the "Old Glass Kitchen" and "Jitney Jungle Stores", Rowdy’s Family Catfish Shack offers a relaxed family atmosphere. Visit Rowdy’s where you’ll always find… "Good Food and Good Company". Vicksburg, We Thank You!

Seventeen years ago Rowdy’s Family Catfish Shack opened its doors to the public at 60 Highway 27, carrying on the tradition of the "Old Glass Kitchen" (Established in 1946) and the "Jitney Jungle Stores" (Established in 1933).

Recently Rowdy’s Family Restaurant passed its second milestone and thanked Vicksburg for its continuously increasing patronage. Week by week, month by month, our volume has increased, which we accepted as "Proof Positive" of genuine approval of our quality food, courteous service and reasonable family prices.

Our objective in giving Vicksburg a "True" family restaurant is to create a restaurant where the standard is set high and our customers are treated like family and not members.

Vicksburg! You have responded wonderfully, our every expectation has been exceeded. We thank you and solicit a continuance of your fine support and encouragement. This is our hometown. We employ hometown people and try to invest in Vicksburg every cent of profit we make

Rowdy Nosser
Carrying on the Tradition!

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