Euro Fest 2012 Today at the Renaissance - - Jackson, MS

Euro Fest 2012 Today at the Renaissance

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RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

If you come out to Renaissance in Ridgeland today you will see cars like a  2008 Bentley convertible which cost $240,000 new and is still worth around $150,000, owned by Dennis Norris of Hemming, Tennessee.

There will be a total of 50 European cars on display at the Renaissance Saturday. It is the fourth year of this show.

Barry Atkisson of Brandon owns a 1965 Rolls Royce worth about $80,000.

"It's a government proof retirement plan. You can't take stocks and bonds and drive them around town," Atkisson said.

Kelly Kyle,45, a Jackson attorney, has had his 1954 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn since 2004.

"It doesn't have power steering, it doesn't have power windows, it doesn't even have air conditioning. But it's still just a lot of car to drive," said Kyle.

Richard Branyan, 47, of Natchez couldn't drive his Rolls Royce Friday, because of a bad wheel bearing, so he borrowed another one. But he says a Rolls Royce don't ever break down.

"We don't break down, we just fail to proceed," said Branyan.

Mike Marsh of Brandon puts this show on every year.

"What we brought together at the Renaissance, in the show tomorrow is as fine a collection as you will find in this part of the country," Marsh said.

Mike Marsh let us drive his 1971 Mercedes convertible. Only 600 of these came to the United States.

If you like European cars come on out to Renaissance Saturday.

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