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'Switchfoot' returns to Jackson

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Start listening to Switchfoot, and you'll notice something different about their hard rock music. The songs are not about sex, drugs, and clubs. They're about the search for meaning in life, and working toward a better world instead of merely talking about it.

"My faith hopefully influences everything I do. Not just the way I play guitar, but the way I treat people. I think this is a big reason why we're here," says Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman, as he and bandmate Drew Shirley spoke to us in the WLBT studios Sunday. "My faith is not just a spoken thing, it has to be a lived, breathed, action oriented way of life."

Sunday night, the five members of Switchfoot are putting on a concert in Jackson for the Spencer Perkins Center. Their first concert here in 2010 help replenish the center's sound studio, which had been vandalized. The Spencer Perkins Center in South Jackson is named after the son of social activist John Perkins. Doctor Perkins founded Voice of Calvary Ministries, which helps the underserved in Jackson with housing and education.

Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman had read Spencer's book "Let Justice Roll Down", and he was inspired to make a sound. So he penned a song, called "The Sound".

The group urges everyone to come out to the concert, show their support, and give back, because in doing so, everyone benefits.

"This is our chance to give back to a community that I feel houses a story that encapsulates a lot of what our nation is going through. We're talking about the election, politics, you have the heart of the issue. The American story, where are we headed from here," Foreman says.

After leaving Jackson, Switchfoot will head back home to San Diego. But you can catch them soon on a documentary, called "Fading West".

"About surfing, rock and roll, and the journey we've been on as a band," Foreman says. "I don't know what it's gonna be like yet. It's still in the making so we're excited to see it play out."

Switchfoot will perform at the Spencer Perkins Center Sunday, October 7, at 7pm. It's part of Jackson Jamboree, which also features the Mississippi Mass Choir.  

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