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Sound Off: Fact or Fiction?

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Most of you viewing the news have raised or are raising teenagers. We know that when our children become teenagers they suddenly begin to think they know it all. There is one area where Mississippi teenagers rank number one, Teen Birth Rates. That shows our teenagers don't know it all.

When a teenager gives birth they and their children almost certainly will earn lower wages and increase the likelihood they will receive public assistance. Teen births cost the State of Mississippi more than $155,000,000 a year from less taxes paid, less consumption and a higher rates of incarceration.

The Women's Fund of Mississippi is taking Teen Pregnancy head on with hard hitting, no holds barred TV campaign called Fact Not Fiction. When you first see the Fact Not Fiction TV spots they will shock you and make you feel uncomfortable. That's good, because the Teen Birth problem is going to take dramatic efforts to get results.

Abstinence is the one sure fire way to prevent Teen Births, but arming our teenagers with the facts can make a huge difference. The Women's Fund of Mississippi should be commended for not sugar coating the facts about teenagers having sex.

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