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Jackson auction titles not clear of liens

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Jackson woman says she bought cars from a City of Jackson impound lot, but she's unable to drive or sell any of them.

She says the cars all have liens on them, and shouldn't have been sold before they were paid off.

You may recognize Dorothy "Dot" Benford from her numerous political campaigns.

What you might not know is she's a wholesale car dealer. Her company is called Jazzy Auto Sales. But this year her business came to a halt after buying 9 cars from the Jackson impound lot auction.

"The Tax Commission said the car lien holders were not notified and that the city of Jackson could not sell me those cars without notifying the lien holders so I have those cars and can't sell them," said Benford.

Benford says she invested about $21,000 into the vehicles to fix mechanical and body issues.

"I was planning to make a profit of $64,000. As of today, the city has agreed to purchase the cars back at the original price which was about $8,000.  They're not going to give me anything for restoring those cars. What I put into those cars, it's just not fair."

The City of Jackson has not responded to our inquiries about Dot Benford's claims. She' is considering a lawsuit, and in the meantime gives this advice to those who may attend the next auction in December.

"Do not purchase any cars from the City of Jackson unless you have a clear title. The city does not have people who are trained and intelligent, I won't say dumb, but they must know the business of selling these cars in a proper manner," said Benford. 

We talked to officials at the State Tax Commission who say the city is required to send out two letters, one to the registered owner, and the other to the lien holder, notifying them their cars have been seized and will be sold.

The state says the city had only been sending out one letter to the owners, not the lien holders. That cause problems at the Tax Commission when they tried to title vehicles out. State officials are meeting with city officials to get this issue resolved.

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