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Homeowner fears storm drain will continue to erode yard

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BYRAM, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Byram homeowner blames the city for erosion to his property, a problem that he's been dealing with for nearly a decade.

He contacted Three on Your Side in hopes of finding a solution.

Edward Brady told WLBT that any heavy rain causes the back yard to flood at his home in Robinson Estate's in Byram.

He has lived here on Meagan Drive 11 years and after the first year noticed water slowly filling his yard.

A few years ago while cutting the grass he said he fell into a hole which has gotten larger and is now around three feet deep.

"It's a storm drain right in there, a big pipe, and I have snakes and everything coming out of this hole," said the frustrated Byram resident.

The disabled trucker said his property is being destroyed because of the city's storm drain.

"As soon as it starts raining my whole back yard looks like a lake and my fence they have torn my fence all down. The water runs off over on that side done tore the fence down. My neighbors get water all down the street," said Brady.

The pavement is crumbled around the storm drain in front of his house.

Brady said when he first contacted the city, they denied responsibility.

"I paid $6,000.00 to repair this hole one time before myself...First they said it was my responsibility. Then they turned around and said they would fix it," he said.

But according to the 55 year old homeowner, that never happened.

Byram city officials said they are aware of the problem.

"The city is working on replacing the storm drain. We are getting a contractor because it is larger than the city can do," said Byram Public Works Director Tammie Roberson.

We were not given a cost or timeline for the storm drain repairs.

"I've been hearing this for five years. That's why you know I've gotten so upset with it til I don't know which way to turn," added Brady.

The Meagan Drive resident realizes the city hasn't been incorporated long, but he hopes it will expand its Public Works Department and repair damaged storm drains along the street.

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