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Walt's Look Around: Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church

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LOWNDES COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Although the building was built in 1892, Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church was organized back in 1833 shortly after treaties with the Choctaw's opened up that part of northeast Mississippi for settlement.

But like many country churches, its congregation dwindled as children and grandchildren and great grandchildren grew up and went to urban areas to make a living and left the farms behind. So Mt. Pleasant fell into years of disrepair as the building deteriorated from a lack of use. But then descendents of some of those original families and other people who began migrating back OUT of the cities to the quiet of the countryside restored Mt. Pleasant back to its original state just like it was in the old days. Martha Jo Mims was in on the restoration.

Martha Jo Mims: The restoration of the church was by the church trustees. The foundation was giving way. It had to be stabilized. The roof had to be replaced. The church was stripped and caulked and painted. And the most recent update is that we do have a barrier-free ramp built at the back of the church for access.

Walt: James Reeves who is one of the trustees of the church headed up the restoration. He sort of took it on as a personal challenge and shows photos of the project like some people show pictures of their grandkids.

Other than an occasional wedding or reunion, the church is used just one day a year.

Martha Jo Mims: On Mother's Day, the second Sunday in May as a homecoming.

Walt: Mt. Pleasant was placed on the National Register of Historic Places about five years ago as an indication of the significance of this church to the story of the settlement of the region. And the fact that it's been restored to its original picturesque beauty is indicative of the place it holds in the memories of the families who have been associated with it.

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