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Entergy's Sandy Recovery Teams Deploy

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Power crews on the east coast are scrambling to get into position to prepare to restore electricity after Hurricane Sandy passes through.

Entergy Mississippi is planning to lend a helping hand bringing in extra manpower to handle recovery from what's predicted to be a storm for the history books.

A safety briefing was the final stop before hitting the road for Entergy Mississippi scouting teams who are driving to the northeast to assist power crews in power restoration from Hurricane Sandy. 

Richard Stevens with Entergy gave us a rundown of what they'll be doing while on the east coast.  "We go up there and support our crews.  We'll run out in front of the crews and assess the damage and get the materials and whereabouts of the damage.  Then the planners can dispatch us as needed based on our findings."

Entergy plans to send nearly 90 people to provide mutual aid to the areas hit hardest by the storm.  They'll primarily assist Pepco Holdings, one of the largest energy companies in the Mid- Atlantic, which provides power to 2 million customers in Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D. C., and New Jersey.

"The main thing is go up there and keep it safe," said Stevens.

These Entergy workers are packed and prepared for all types of environments and ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

Stevens said, "This is a strange storm in the fact we're used to working hurricanes in light wear.  This time we're going to wear our light wear plus we got ice cleats, snow chains, so this will be one for the history books."

The Entergy workers only expect to be gone for two weeks, but have packed enough clothes for three weeks working to restore power grids in four states after this powerful late season hurricane blows through. 

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