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Walt's Look Round: Tylertown Christmas in the Park

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TYLERTOWN, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Christmas in the Park is an annual tradition in the Holmes Water Park on Magee Creek in Tylertown. And from a pretty substantial start several years ago, the number of decorations has multiplied every year.

And along with the decorations, the amount of time it takes to get it all set out, and bulbs tested, has grown, too.

Until this year, Roane Conerly and his crew were already out getting things started even before the rest of us were going to theState Fair

"We had been starting the first of October" said Conerly. "And they keep adding every year so naturally it takes a little longer. So this time we started two weeks before October. It takes us almost to, well basically, till Thanksgiving to have it completely, you know."

Roane, his son, Gauge Conerly and his partner Clay Guy set out the lights every year. And in the end, Roane says he has no idea how many individual lights there are, but it seems like a lot.

"Millions" said Conerly. "And you just about have to touch every bulb at some point during the holidays, you know."

Well, it's worth it for the people who come here to drive through the park between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve. They charge five dollars a carload to help pay for the electricity and for putting up the lights and taking them down again.

And maybe tens of thousands of people come to Tylertown to see Christmas in the Park.

Clay Guy says he's impressed with their work that first night that everybody gets to walk

"It's magnificent to see this many lights" said Guy. "Cause they're in the trees. Everywhere you look there's a display."

Well, they're beginning to look pretty good, now. And it isn't even Halloween yet, and it's broad daylight. Imagine what it will look like in a few weeks after dark.

Daily walkers in the park get a preview now every once in a while. And the squirrels have already begun to discover the wires in order to chew the ends off of them.

And back home, we haven't even carved the pumpkin for Halloween yet.

But in Tylertown, an annual decorating tradition is well underway, decking the park for the holidays. And realizing Christmas is only two months away is probably a worse scare than any trick-or-treater could give you this year.

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