Wednesday's Child -Quinn and Trayvion - - Jackson, MS

Wednesday's Child -Quinn and Trayvion

This week on Wednesday's Child we meet the last two members of a sibling group of five. 5 year old Quindarius, and 1 year old Trayvion.

Quindarius who is called Quinn by his brothers is the prankster in the family. He likes to answer questions for his big brothers.

"Early in the morning he wakes up the house early in the morning. Does he? No I don't. You don't."

Quinn did not want to talk on camera but he enjoyed having the opportunity to tease his brothers.

"Yes he does. No I don't. And then when Quinn starts waking up the whole house Shun tells him to be quiet, then Quinn gets mad and goes into the bed and kicks him. Then they start fighting", said his big brother, Kevin.

Quinn likes to draw, color and write his name. He has learned to bounce back from disappointment, but he is hoping this time he will land with his very own forever family.

Trayvion is the youngest member of the group. He is all smiles when he is with his big brothers. Trayvion is not in daycare at this time. Being around his brothers Trayvion has learned to form one to three words.

One of his favorite things is his sippy cup. Whatever he sees his brothers do, he tries to mimic it. Trayvion is independent. He feeds himself and social workers say he shows definite understanding of simple words.

All five children want to be adopted together, they don't even want to consider growing up without each other.

To learn more about children waiting for permanent homes, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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