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Sandy's Aftermath and What We've Learned

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It is sad to see the devastation and heartbreak of our northeastern neighbors.

Those of us who remember Katrina and Camille, two of America's worst hurricanes know full well the dangers and loss of so many and so much in such megastorms.

Folks along the Gulf Coast waste little time these days evacuating and preparing for the big hurricanes.

Our first responders know how to prepare and what the priorities are.

When Hurricane Sandy blasted the northeastern coast, we were told it was going to be the worst ever to hit there.

And it was.

The high tide, full moon, and enormous size of sandy foretold a storm of unparrelled consequence.

And it proved true.

Thousands are still trapped not knowing or believing what happened could happen.

But the storm did exactly what it was expected to do.

Just like we learned here in the Gulf Coast states, here's hoping folks in the northeast do what they are expected to do the next time this happens again.

Lord knows, we understand their anguish.

That's my point of view.

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