Wednesday's Child Success Story-Deborah - - Jackson, MS

Wednesday's Child Success Story-Deborah

November is National Adoption Month. Each year Wendy's Restaurants across the state find unique ways to support adoption efforts in Mississippi.

This year through November 30th, by purchasing a Frosty Pin Up for 1 dollar, you can help children find loving homes. The Carlisle Corporation,  which owns many of the restaurants in the state will match all pin up sales.

"Its so important because we have children waiting who need permanent homes and the more recognition we bring to adoption in this state the more children we're gonna get adopted", said Karen Carlisle of the Carlisle Corporation.

Wendy's has raised over 2 million dollars for local agencies that support adoption and adoptive families in the state.

We begin National Adoption Month with a Wednesday's Child success story. 6 year old Deborah was featured 3 years ago. She is now in a loving home and celebrating her forever family.

We met Deborah and her mother Tiffany at the Mississippi Children's Museum in Jackson. Deborah was the youngest member of a sibling group of 4 when she was featured 3 years ago. Tiffany has 3 sons but still wanted to adopt.

"I have always wanted a girl and I wasn't going to go back and do the whole pregnancy thing. But adopting was the next option and I have loved every moment of it", Tiffany said.

Deborah was described by social workers as the life of the party. All she wanted to do during our taping was skate. Her mom says Deborah now has new skates and a new life.

"She's made a big change in our life. You know of course I had to learn to comb hair every morning and that type of thing but just the whole 9 was wonderful.  I would do it all over again", said Tiffany.

Tiffany says when she and her sons met Deborah they knew she would be apart of their family.

"They spoil her rotten. They are very over protective of her period. They love her to death. They all adapted very well as soon as she first came into the house", Tiffany said.

Deborah says she does have one special thing she does with her mom.

"We go shopping", Deborah said.

"I mean I get to watch her smile every single day so that's more than anything to me", Tiffany said.

Deborah has been with her new family over two years. There are other children waiting to be adopted.  If you are interested in learning more, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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