Decision 2012: No Mississippi upsets, just hiccups - - Jackson, MS

Decision 2012: No Mississippi upsets, just hiccups

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

While there may have been a number of surprises nationwide in Tuesday's national election, there were very few surprises in Mississippi. No upsets were expected nor did any occur in any of the 10 large races in our state.

But, there were hiccups in some areas of Mississippi including, as expected, Jackson.

Thousands of voters in Congressman Harper's district, in northeast Jackson, were surprised to learn that they had been snuck into Congressman Thompson's 2nd district.

The district lines on the 2012 map shows no change, but nobody can fully explain what happened.

The election commission said it sent out notices of the precinct changes, but voters don't recall being sent one.

Secretary of State Hoseman says he going to look into it.

Maybe it's one of those cases in which the first casualty of political gerrymandering is truth and honesty.

That's my point of view.

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