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Jackson man falls into 12 foot uncovered manhole

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Now to a dangerous problem we uncovered in south Jackson. A Jackson man found himself 12 feet underground after falling into a manhole Wednesday night. The family called Three On Your Side fearful that others could face the same fate.

It was getting dark Wednesday night. Corey hall was walking home from work on McDowell road. He had car problems.

There are no sidewalks in the area. Suddenly he took a free fall, into an uncovered manhole. Hall was trapped, 12 feet under in the cold and dark.

The 33 year old man managed to reach his brother before his cell phone lost power. It took the Jackson Fire Department to rescue Hall.

Hall said he was scared and one thing kept running through his mind.

"Was I ever going to get in touch with somebody to get me out" said Hall.

Halls says he was stuck in the hole about two hours.

His brother, Timothy Moore, was horrified and feared for Corey's life.

"He told me he was scared, that he was in a tunnel and he couldn't get out" said Moore. "I rode along the side if the road and called his name. I barely could hear him but I heard an echo."

Hall suffered back and leg injuries and was still in pain Thursday.

He and his family are concerned that school children might fall victim as well. Woodville Heights Elementary is a couple of blocks up McDowell Road.

The City placed a plastic barricade over the open manhole. To our surprise, the manhole cover, which would prevent such a dangerous accident from occurring again, was off to the side, overgrown with grass.

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